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    Cobas Tipping Skip

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    • Capacity L: 500 Code:416
    • Capacity L: 650 Code:417
    • Capacity L: 800 Code:418

    Contras is a tipping skip for forklift used to transport and dump any kind of bulk materials. Cobas tipping skip is available with or without wheels.
    Cobas is made up of a skip hinged on a platform for forklift. Cobas is attached to the forklift by placing forks into the platform. To dump materials, use the lever so to disengage the connection between skip and platform in that way the skip will unload.
    To reposition the skip, lower the forks until the skip front end touching the ground causes the rotation of the skip and its relatching to platform. The skip is ready to be loaded again.
    Heavy-duty shock absorber assist in dumping and relatching. Remainig in the driving seat the operator accomplish every operations simply pulling a rope, in absolut safety.


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